A Story of Faith Told in Colors

In the heart of every Vinna Cross design lies a story of transformation and hope, told through the vibrant journey of colors. Each color on our Gospel bracelets represents a step in the spiritual journey we share, weaving a tapestry of faith that connects us all.

Yellow beams with the promise of Heaven, a reminder of God's eternal joy and peace.

Black acknowledges the reality of sin in our lives.

Red declares the profound love of Christ, symbolizing His sacrifice on the Cross. Through His blood, we find redemption and the courage to face tomorrow with hope.

White purifies our narrative, as we are cleansed from sin.

Green blossoms with the growth of our relationship with God.

The Cross symbolizes God’s most divine sacrifice for us. It represents His love, grace, and forgiveness – the ultimate gift. By giving and sharing designs of the Cross, we share God’s love with all who embrace one. That was the inspiration for Vinna Cross.


Faith in Action: The Gospel Bracelet

Each bead, each hue, unfolds a chapter in the profound narrative of salvation, extending an invitation to ponder, celebrate, and disseminate the story of Divine affection in our lives. Embrace your faith with pride, as a testament to your journey, your present, and the path you tread in the glow of His everlasting love.

Take, for instance, a memorable mission in a quaint village in India, where our fellowship was marked by song, dance, and the sharing of the Gospel encapsulated in the bracelet's vibrant colors. The allure of the beads captivated the villagers, drawing them into the essence of the story we shared.

In Ankara, Turkey, I crossed paths with a college student, a resident of the spiritual city of Konya. She held her Islamic faith close, a sentiment I deeply respected. Yet, she welcomed the narrative of the Gospel with an open heart, adorning the Gospel Bracelet as a sign of our shared moment of understanding.

A heartwarming encounter unfolded on the roads of Iraq. Amidst travels, our van was noticed by passengers in a bus, their gestures of curiosity quickly turning into shared joy as Gospel Bracelets were exchanged through open windows. Though words were unspoken, our silent prayers followed them, hoping for the seeds of faith to be nurtured by others.

Another cherished memory took flight en route to Europe. Seated beside a woman of elder years, our exchange of stories and sweets blossomed into friendship. Despite her non-belief, the values of love and kindness resonated between us. The Gospel Bracelet I offered, and its accompanying tale, was met with warmth, sowing a hopeful seed of faith.

My journeys are filled with countless such encounters, affirming the Gospel Bracelet as a profound medium for sharing God’s love.

Yet, the epitome of this love is symbolized by the Cross of Jesus. From the stepping stones of Gospel Bracelets to the foundation of Vinna Cross, both bear witness to Divine grace and benevolence towards humanity. The Cross stands as the ultimate gift of God's love to the world.

It's this gift I'm compelled to share with every soul I meet.