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Sterling Silver Base: Elena Belle Cross Necklace (Small)

Sterling Silver Base: Elena Belle Cross Necklace (Small)

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The Elena Belle Necklaces in sterling silver are beyond stunning. There are so many details embedded throughout. Each charm is attached to a shining box chain and has multiple Crosses within itself. The outer Cross is lined with clear CZs. The inner Cross is decorated with both colored CZs are clear Czs. And the very center Cross is a mixture of colored and clear CZs as well. On the outside of the Elena Belle charm are tiny Crosses etched into the metal. This necklace is a bold display of your faith in Jesus. Each necklace has different colored CZ stones embedded. You may choose from dark blue, magenta, or clear.

Material: Sterling silver, CZ

Size: Chain: 15.6~18in, Pendant: .9in


Sterling silver, CZ


Chain: 15.6~18in
Pendant: .9in

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Remove it when not in use: Take off your jewelry when not in use and store it properly to prevent.

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