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Diato-Donut Diffuser for Car/Office Desk

Diato-Donut Diffuser for Car/Office Desk

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The Diatomite Diffuser is here! This is a diffuser that can go in your car, on your refrigerator or any other small space. Because this diffuser is petite and circular in shape, it can fit anywhere! You can conveniently bring it with you wherever you go.

Diatomite (which is a naturally occurring, soft, sedimentary rock) easily absorbs oils and then releases the scent into the air. Each order comes with a blended bottle of 100% natural essential oils.

The scents to choose from are: *Energizing mint blend (Peppermint and Spearmint) *Soothing floral blend (Lavender and Rosemary) *Mood-enhancing citrus blend (Lemon, Sweet Orange, and Bergamot)

There are 3 ways to use this diffuser:
-attach the included car-vent clip to it for use in your car
-leave the clip off and it lays flat on any surface
-stick it to your refrigerator with the built-in magnet on the back


Diatomaceous earth, clay, magnet, metal, essential oil



Care information

Keep it Clean

Store it properly: Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and moisture.

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